Our Vision

Rainbow Valley has identified objectives that it will focus on over the coming years. We have both long term and short term objects that we aim to fulfill and It Is understood that new objectives of Rainbow Valley will evolve as plans develop.

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Our Latest News

For the past 9 months, the Rainbow Valley team has been working closely with West Dunbartonshire Council to locate suitable land or a building to renovate.

The current Ardlui Outdoor Centre on Loch Lomond, was identified as being in an idyllic location and with extensive refurbishment would be absolutely perfect for Rainbow Valley and the people it seeks to serve.

We are thrilled to announce that at a meeting on Wednesday 12 October, the Councilors voted unanimously to approve our application to take over Ardlui.

We are extremely grateful to West Dunbartonshire Council, in particular the Leader, Councillor Rooney, for their support and belief in our vision.


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Our Vision

Rainbow Valley will be a free to attend facility where cancer sufferers and their friends and families can go to relax before, in between and after hospital treatments and where they can explore the plethora of holistic treatments, complementary therapies and nutritional foods that are available in addition to hospital care. It will also be a powerful centre of education.

Working alongside the patient’s traditional hospital medical treatment, our complementary holistic approach will give the patient and the family the practical tools necessary to help manage the impact of cancer and improve a long term quality of life or sense of relative wellbeing. Our experienced team of therapists, nutritionists, fitness instructors and physicians will give a feeling of hope and empowerment.

We currently achieve these aims by providing a host of educational events, conferences & seminars, residential weekends and small group meetings; and dissemination of information via leaflets and our website. This visionary and forward-looking approach is also applicable to the prevention of cancer by addressing root causes eg stress, poor diet or inactivity.

In the supportive ethos of Rainbow Valley, people will be encouraged to take on a new life plan and develop hope by having positive views, fostering open relationships and learning to dealing with problems in new ways rather than using the old life plans.

In order to give people a long term programme of self management and control over their health, it is vital that we provide a hub and follow up courses and events.

Who Will Attend Rainbow Valley?

Anyone affected with cancer will be welcome at Rainbow Valley.

We anticipate that initially people will travel from all over Scotland to attend courses and Rainbow Valley as a drop in facility (already our courses are attended by people from The Borders to Inverness). We expect that in future years the location of Rainbow Valley and the service provided by the charity will attract people globally with the healing environment of Loch Lomond and surrounding area being a contributory factor.

The building at Ardlui could hardly be more appropriate as a location for delivering the vision of Rainbow Valley. It’s location is one of its best attributes, however there is no doubt that the current arrangement of the building and its internal features will require re-modelling and extensive refurbishment to ensure it meets our needs.

sun-logo-smallWe have recently launched a partnership with The Scottish Sun to help raise the funds required for the refurbishment of the building. We are appealing to people across Scotland and beyond to support our campaign.

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Text RVSS 16 £10 to 70070 to donate to Rainbow Valley and make a difference today. JustTextGiving by Vodafone.