Who We Are

Rainbow Valley is inspired by the vision of Johanna MacVicar, who in 1994, at age 16 years was diagnosed with Leukaemia. After an 11 year battle, Johanna sadly lost her fight against the illness. Johanna’s mother, Angela, together with family & friends have created the charitable organisation Rainbow Valley, to bring Johanna’s dream to fruition.

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Foreward from the Chairperson

Angela MacVicar

As Chairperson & Founder Member it is my honour to welcome you to Rainbow Valley. Over nine years ago, Rainbow Valley was a dream which became a vision and is now a reality. Our plan is to build the Rainbow Valley Centre – a facility which will benefit everyone affected by cancer.




I can hardly believe we are into our 3rd year at Rainbow Valley. We know Rome wasn’t built in a day but with the strides we are taking we know it is only a matter of time until we see Rainbow Valley become a reality.

This will not be achieved single handedly, nor can it be achieved by the Board of Trustees alone. There are so many people to thank for continuous support that the list is endless. Unfortunately this is mainly because most have been touched by cancer in some way and realise in their heart there is more we can do to help the mind body and soul heal. Either by thoughts, nutrition, relaxation, exercise and education.

At Rainbow Valley we will tailor and provide a unique program of courses and events and a “Can Do” policy will be mastered for those interested in visiting or indeed assisting.

Johanna often said to me throughout her cancer journey that she was born too soon. She was searching for something that wasn’t provided NOT something that wasn’t there. We at Rainbow Valley will work tirelessly to fill that gap which will allow people to feel ALL avenues have been explored and that we have allowed them to feel whole again.

Tearing down the barriers to help people take control of their cancer in a positive environment by providing courses to get rid of fear and doubt that they can personally make a difference to their health and wellbeing is our ultimate goal. BUT, we need your help.

Everyone involved in Rainbow Valley shares a passion to make a difference in the battle against cancer in a positive manner. I would like to thank the amazing board of Trustees, without whose input this charity would never get off the ground.

Having spent the last 2 years speaking to other charities I am encouraged that we can work together to create something very unique for everyone effected by cancer and bring Johanna’s dream alive in Rainbow Valley.

“The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better” ~ Robert F Kennedy

Rainbow Valley belongs to each and every one of us. A place we hope never to need but a place we will all love to visit.

10 Year Anniversary Message – from Angela MacVicar

10 year anniversary videoPlease take two minutes (literally) to watch our amazing Chairperson, Angela, with her message on YouTube.
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Our Trustees

Angela MacVicar
Angela MacVicarMy name is Angela MacVicar. Rainbow Valley is so much more than a project to me as the charity was set up in memory of my daughter, Johanna, who lost her battle with Leukaemia in May 2005. Johanna’s struggle to find a place that treated her mind body and soul as one was a frustrating journey for her and to be supported in bringing her dream to fruition carries with it a responsibility for all involved.

Working as a volunteer as Chairperson, I am a Network Marketing Professional, Mother & Grandmother, each role has its challenges and each one brings me incredible joy. I feel immensely privileged to be surrounded by an amazing network of likeminded people looking to serve the greater good.

As Chairperson of Rainbow Valley it is my pleasure to introduce my amazing board of Trustees.

Gill Petrie
Gill PetrieRainbow Valley is a truly amazing charity very close to my heart. I was touched by Johanna’s story many years ago during her plea for donors to join the Anthony Nolan register and I have continued to follow her journey ever since. I’m delighted to now be in a position to help deliver the Rainbow Valley dream in Johanna’s memory.

Day to day I head up the Marketing Department at STV, Scotland’s digital media company that reaches over four million people per month. I’m responsible for all brand promotion and marketing communications. I also sit on the BAFTA Scotland Committee who’s role is to support, develop and promote the art forms of the moving image in Scotland. I am very proud be a trustee of Rainbow Valley and promise to channel all my experience and expertise into delivering the goals and ambitions of this wonderful charity.

Laura Boyd
Laura BoydI am a showbiz producer / presenter for STV and general party girl! I take part in numerous charity ventures, including climbing Ben Nevis and cycling from Glasgow to Edinburgh, and have a real lust for life. My desire to live every moment to the full was heightened when I was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2009. Although this was a shock and I still live on treatment every day, I have to take the positives and be grateful for the fact it led me to meet the amazing people of Rainbow Valley and to become a part of the board. I know how much I crave a place like Rainbow Valley and that fuels my passion to help the charity realise its vision. I believe Rainbow Valley will make an incredible difference to people living with cancer and those closest to them. I can’t wait for the day we open those doors.

Jeanette Ward
Jeanette WardI am Jeanette Ward, Director of Sales at Glasgow City Hotel and have been in the hospitality industry for many years. I have good relationships with my clients, but nothing can compare to Rainbow Valley. I first met Angela and Lindsay back in 1999 when they ran a ball at the Holiday Inn, where I worked at the time. To say they were passionate in their fundraising efforts is an understatement. Their drive and enthusiasm was infectious and as Angela’s beautiful daughter Johanna was going through treatment for Leukaemia it made the whole thing even more poignant and I couldn’t help but get involved.

When Angela first spoke about setting up this charity in memory of Johanna I was hooked, and when she asked if I would sit on the Board of Trustees, I was truly honoured.
Being on the board of trustees is like belonging to a special family, with a goal to not only fulfil Johanna’s dream but to make life a little easier for everyone affected by cancer. The support Rainbow Valley receives is immense and I am delighted to be part of a Board which is committed to building a facility for cancer patients, their family and friends.

Ian Gracie
Ian GracieI’m 35 years old, have been happily married to Kelly for 9 years and am by far the most protective father to my daughter, Olivia, who is 6. Being a director with a property and construction consultancy, I have daily exposure to a wide variety of exciting projects, however my involvement with Rainbow Valley over the last year has been a phenomenal experience and one that I hope to complete in the coming years by helping to delivery our amazing vision.

Over the last year, I ‘ve been really taken by the enthusiasm of the Board and single-minded desire to achieve the charity’s vision. Having been involved in the property industry for over 10 years, I can assure you this project really is unique in what it is trying to achieve. Being a father, husband, uncle and brother, I really do hope that neither my family nor friends will ever need this facility, but am convinced that it will be a life-changing experience if we ever do.

Lindsay MacCallum
Lindsay MacCallumMy name is Lindsay MacCallum and I am the Project Development Manager for Rainbow Valley. I worked for 18 years with leukaemia charity Anthony Nolan where I met Angela and Johanna – a close friendship was immediately forged as we all worked hard to deliver successful campaigns and events.

I am passionate about driving Rainbow Valley forward. The last three years have seen us make huge progress as we build relationships with our amazing band of supporters, other charities and major donors who are united in our mutual goal to build a centre which will benefit the whole family unit and indeed the community as we encourage people to engage in a healthier lifestyle in the fight against cancer.

Mark Drummond
Mark DrummondMy name is Mark Drummond – I became aware of Rainbow Valley’s ambition to create a unique holistic facility serving cancer patients for the whole of Scotland through Glasgow 2014. Having experienced the passion of the Trustees for Rainbow Valley and vision to deliver tangible benefit to future of those affected by cancer, I was delighted to have joined the Board in June of this year.

I am a Chartered Finance Professional with 10-years experience delivering a variety of strategic capital and infrastructure projects across manufacturing, financial services and construction industries in both public and private sector. Most recently I oversaw the successful development of some of the key the venues for highly acclaimed Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, before commencing new role at Glasgow Caledonian University in July this year. Together with my wife, Nic, I enjoy everything from music festivals to musical theatre and new sporting adventures to the social-side of Highland Games

Marina Livingstone
My name is Marina Livingstone and I am passionate about Rainbow Valley and the vision of creating what was Johanna’s dream. Her commitment and inspiration live on and I am delighted and privileged to have been invited to join the Board to help make Johanna’s dream a reality and make a positive difference to people and families affected by Cancer.

In my career, I have worked in a variety of industries and organisations as a business professional and management consultant, working with individuals and teams to facilitate, design and support strategic direction and creatively shape and deliver transformational change. My passion is for people and helping and encouraging others to develop their talent and skills and successfully deliver projects and change in many sectors and environments. I am constantly reminded of the potential of others and their ability to cope and adapt and achieve great things especially in difficult or challenging times. I hope that I can bring my skills in business to support the growth and development of Rainbow Valley and my ability and skills in people development to educate, empower and inform others.

I am passionate about Scotland, our beautiful surroundings and our people, where better to contribute to the work and achievements of the Rainbow Valley Community and create an environment that will make a real difference to people’s lives.