40 for 40

Welcome to Rainbow Valley’s 40 for 40 campaign. Thank you for pledging your support to raise £1000 towards our £40,000 target.

A year long campaign to celebrate what would have been Johanna MacVicar’s 40th birthday. We are looking for 40 small companies or organisations to each raise £1000 for Rainbow Valley. Message from our Chairperson: "My daughter Johanna, would have been 40 years of age on 28 September 2017. I am immensely proud that her vision inspired Rainbow Valley and that 12 years after she passed away, people are still motivated by her on a daily basis. Jo loved a party, loved a celebration and so it seems fitting that we should not only celebrate for a full year, but also make a difference to everyone affected by cancer. Thank you for your support." - Angela MacVicar, Chairperson.

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I’m very much into nourishing my “whole” self. The workshop was very much about that and was very beneficial for me.

I wasn’t sure what the future held for me, now I know that I can directly influence my future by living well and I have the tools to deal with anything the future holds for me. Thank you!

I have been under the cancer care umbrella for a decade now and in all that time, I have never once been given the opportunity to attend anything like the experience we had with Rainbow Valley. The time with Rainbow Valley benefited us more than all other help collectively over the last 11 years.