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Rainbow Valley has researched and developed a unique programme which is delivered by accredited professionals and has been delivered to hundreds of people over the last 5 years.

The 7 Steps to Health Course helps those living with cancer to manage all aspects of their life throughout cancer and beyond treatment. Usually this is delivered as a 2-day residential course. However, with shielding affecting our attendees for many months to come we want to ensure that those living with cancer and often alone at home can still access a sense of community and wellness.

Moving Online

We have developed an online course which will provide people affected by cancer with the tools to undertake a programme of self-management by exploring goal setting, action plans, stress management and self-monitoring.

Maintaining a sense of Wellness & Community

We look forward to the day when we can resume our two day residential courses which are free for those living with cancer to attend. Until then, and vitally important at this time, we want to ensure that those who need our support the most do not get left behind and believe that a sense of community and wellness can still be achieved with our one day online retreats.


Those at any stage on their cancer journey will be welcome to join these new virtual courses. Priority will be given to those who were already booked onto a course during 2020 that have been cancelled due to the lock down. Previous participants are also invited to apply to attend and refresh all that they experienced first time around.

We are pleased to announce the following course dates:

Once you have completed a form for the course of your choice, further information will be sent to you.

Mindfulness with Edward Reid

This will be a one day course, conducted by zoom. Edward will take you on a beautiful journey which will include mindful eating and walking, meditation and the benefits of kindness. You are invited to attend via the form on our website.
Dates are:

Tuesday 27th April

Nourish and Flourish with Mary Cotter

An interactive course which is informative and fun. Delivered via zoom, over the duration of the day Mary will share her top tips for staying as nutritionally healthy as possible. You are invited to attend this course by completing the form on our website.

Mary will help you choose the best foods to support your gut health and immune system and how to fit them into your diet daily, and with ease. By the end of this class, you’ll feel confident you are nourishing your body with all the right foods. You’ll discover a delicious new recipe in our cook-along-lunch and we’ll even get funky with fermented foods in our probiotic food demo.

New dates coming soon!

7 Steps to Health

Our flagship course normally a two day residential experience. Although we are condensing the information so that it can be delivered in one day via zoom, please be assured that each session will still be delivered by our amazing accredited professionals. We currently have one day reserved for this and you are invited to attend by completing the form on our website.

New dates coming soon!

Overcoming Stress and Anxiety with Dr Vicki Creanor

Especially in these trying times, many of us are experiencing difficulties with anxiety, worry and stress. As a clinical psychologist, I have worked with people experiencing these difficulties over the past 2 decades. This workshop through Rainbow Valley aims to provide an understanding of what anxiety is before exploring a variety of techniques used in clinical practice to help people cope with and reduce the associated symptoms. The course aims to be as interactive and experiential as possible so that people get the most benefit from the techniques covered.

Dates: Thursday 29th April