‘Rainbow Valley is a charity that has developed unique courses following experiences a family encountered after a cancer diagnosis. When Johanna MacVicar was diagnosed with cancer (age 16) the loss of control during the 12 year journey felt overwhelming and frustrating…. does this sound familiar?

Whilst extremely grateful for the NHS and all who sail in her, she felt something was missing, that there was more she could do for herself in-between hospital appointments. Our signature residential 7 Steps to Health course and recently developed day courses help fill that gap!

Please see below for information on each of our courses. We recommend that you complete the 7 Steps to Health course first. 

At Rainbow Valley we recognise that cancer affects many people, not just the person with the diagnosis and therefore, we encourage people who have had a cancer diagnosis to take along a supporter to any course they are attending. We have found this to be beneficial for both the supporter and the person with the cancer diagnosis. Please note an application from is required for each individual that is attending. If we do not have an application form then we wont know they are attending and will not be included in the numbers.’

7 Steps to Health

‘We are excited to announce the return of our 7 Steps to Health course. We have secured a new venue –  Gleddoch Golf and Spa Resort, nestled in 360 acres of beautiful Scottish Countryside, only 20 mins from Glasgow but feels like a million miles away.
This 2-day residential course, delivered by accredited professionals, will help empower individuals and their supporter, to take a holistic approach to living with and overcoming a cancer diagnosis. We address the psychological, emotional and physical needs of each individual & their supporter, which compliment hospital treatments, using innovative established therapies incorporating the 7 steps of our pneumonic (CAMNESS) ; Cells, Attitude, Mindfulness, Nutrition, Exercise, Stress & Sleep. This in turn will enable individuals to take back that control and manage their fear during and after a diagnosis.’

Day Courses

‘New dates coming soon.

Our Coping with Anxiety day courses are held in Edinburgh and Glasgow. This is a follow-on course for those who have completed the 7 Steps to Health course. This course covers Mindfulness and Anxiety with Edward Reid and Dr Vicki Creanor.

You can register your interest by completing the application form.’