of things you can do to help

Attend an event

From Sassy and Classy to our Rainbow Valley Ball, dress up, attend a fabulous event and support Rainbow Valley.

Bring and buy

We bet you’ve got loads of junk in your attics and under your bed. Why not raise some money (and clear your house) by organising a Bring and Buy sale. You could even charge other people to set up their own stalls.

Challenge Events

Challenge yourself to take part in an event that takes you right out of your comfort zone – a 10k run, an abseil, a hike – you’ll feel amazing and raise vital funds at the same time. Better still, why not become a Rainbow Warrior? Please check out our events page for more information.


A donation, however small, is always really appreciated by Rainbow Valley. Hit the donate button today. You can even set up a regular giving.

Every coin counts

Collect silver or gold coins at your workplace and ask customers, suppliers or friends and family to do the same. Every coin counts!


Find and follow us on Instagram, facebook and twitter.

Give Up

Not something we’d normally say at Rainbow Valley. Usually our mantra is ‘never give up’, but this is in a good way. Give up a vice – Whether it be smoking, alcohol, social media or your daily chocolate bar – get sponsored to give it up for a set period – or ask people to sponsor you per day. You’ll feel healthier plus you’ll raise lots of cash.


We are all about health here at Rainbow Valley. Make small changes to become more healthy – your body will thank you for it. Say goodbye to the lift, swap your chocolate for cherries, your sweeties for strawberries and see how amazing you feel.


Do you have a story to tell? Do you have a top tip for health during or after cancer? Share your experience and help other people in a similar situation as yourself.

Just Giving

Jump in and do something that scares you every day – be all you can be.


Take part in the fabulous Kiltwalk as part of Team Rainbow Valley. Choose from 13 or 26 miles and every penny raised in sponsorship will be matched with an extra 40% from the Hunter Foundation.


Laughing clubs are some of the most popular wellness clubs right now – why not start your own and charge a small fee for people to join? This is feel-good fundraising at its best.


Watch this space….


Could you run a marathon? You would certainly deserve to be sponsored if you did –we’ll support you with training guide, t shirts etc.


Rainbow Valley to be the chosen charity for your workplace, golf club or school dress down day.


Spend time outside – being within nature is good for mind, body and soul. We need vitamin D to help fight infection, fresh air will help your mind to focus and relax, and you will sleep better. What’s not to love?

Pack a bag

Could you help with bag packing at your local supermarket? We are always looking for smiley happy people to join our army of volunteers.


Why not organise a quiz night in your local pub? Gather teams, charge an entry and maybe a small raffle on the night.

Regular giving

Regular giving is a powerful and important form of support. It can be done monthly, quarterly or biannually. To become a regular giver, all you have to do is sign up online or contact us and we will arrange to deduct the donation amount of your choice from your credit or debit card on a date that works best for you.

Seven Steps

Do you know someone who could benefit form our Seven Steps to Health Course? Point them in the direction of our website or facebook page so they can benefit from this unique course.

T shirt

Buy one of our fabulous Rainbow Valley t shirts.

Uniform free

Encourage your local school or workplace to have a uniform free or dress down day.


We have numerous volunteering opportunities. Call us or send us a message and we will let you know if there is something to suit.


Grab a few friends and head off on a trek somewhere exciting while supporting your favourite charity. Take in some of Scotland’s most iconic landscapes
– you can tailor the journey to suit your fitness levels and imagination!


Organise a Christmas fayre, coffee morning, or raffle at your work in the month of December.


Take up yoga. The benefits are amazing.


Could you have zero – absolutely zero – sugar for one month? Give it a go, it’s a bigger challenge than you think, and one that’s certainly worthy of sponsorship.


You could nominate Rainbow Valley for:

Your company's charity of the year

Beneficiary of your golf club's charity day

Your local school's dress down day

Third-Party Events

The Classic Car Show

16th June 2018

Milngavie Precinct

Sassy & Classy Carnoustie

30th September 2018

Carnoustie Golf Hotel and Spa

Sassy & Classy Busby Hotel

9th September 2018

Busby Hotel, Clarkston SOLD OUT

Give as you live

40 for 40

Year long Campaign

40 for 40 is a year long campaign to celebrate what would have been Johanna MacVicar’s 40th birthday. We are looking for 40 small companies or organisations to each raise £1000 for Rainbow Valley.