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Rainbow Valley is inspired by Johanna MacVicar who passed away in 2005 following a lengthy battle with leukaemia. She believed that diet, stress, exercise and complementary therapies all influenced her health and had a significant role in controlling her condition and future. Since Rainbow Valley’s inception in 2012 we have been delivering Johanna’s vision through our free to attend residential courses and provision of information.

Our Short Term Objective:

is to continue providing a host of educational events, seminars, residential courses & small group meetings

Our Long Term Objective:

is to build a dedicated Centre, away from the hospital environment where those living with or affected by cancer will go to explore the plethora of treatments that are available in support of hospital care. £1000 will allow us to provide 6 professionals to deliver sessions during our two day "7 steps to Health Course." £5,000 will allow 14 people with cancer to attend a two day residential course, completely free of charge. £40,000 will allow us to reach 1400 people across the West of Scotland, through our "Health v Cancer" workshop who have been affected by cancer.

Rainbow Valley

We provide the practical tools necessary to take a holistic approach to living with and overcoming cancer. We address the psychological, spiritual, emotional and physical needs of each individual and their support network using innovative & established therapies whilst complementing hospital treatments. We inspire individuals, organisations and workplaces to get involved in fundraising and to adopt a healthy approach to life.