Once you have completed our 7 Steps to Health Course, you can then go on and complete our unique one day, one night residential mindfulness course.

This is a free course for anyone who has been affected by cancer and all meals are included during your stay. This course is run from Ardoch House in Gartocharn, West Dumbartonshire. To book you place, follow the link below.

What's Covered

Have you ever wanted to meditate but can’t get your mind to stop chattering for long enough? Led by Edward Reid, this course will give you the tools to implement mindfulness into your daily life, with top tips on how to slow down your thoughts, relax and connect to your fabulous self. No matter what you’re doing, be it walking, eating, relaxing, you can do it in a mindful manner so that you are full present and aware of where you are and what you’re doing. Mindfulness will help you to not over react or be overwhelmed by what is going on around you or within you. You will leave this one day one night course with a sense of calm, peace and clarity.

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Given that my recent diagnosis was the second time for me, I have been under the “cancer care umbrella for a decade now and in all that time, I have never once been given the opportunity to attend anything like the experience we had with Rainbow Valley. This is particularly surprising as my cancer receives more publicity and funding than any other cancer type in the world! I do receive a magazine twice a year from one charity and have attended a talk on fertility issues and been given details of local mindfulness classes. Whilst I am sure invaluable support and advice is provided for many people by the bigger charities, this has not been my experience. We were astounded with the level of support and advice we received from Rainbow Valley, especially as they funded my husband to attend also. The 3 days we attended their seven steps to health course benefited us more than all other help collectively over the last 11 years. It is amazing that a relatively young charity without the benefit of the huge marketing budgets enjoyed by the high profile charities are able to achieve this.

Where do I start? I can’t say enough good things about my stay at Ardoch House for the 7 Steps to Health Course. I mean this from the bottom of my heart – It was so many things – a great atmosphere, relaxing, positive, so helpful, comfortable, comforting, inspiring, happy, fun, with loads of laughter thrown in for good measure and it just lifted my spirits tremendously! The staff members without exception, made us all feel so very welcome and it was obvious they were sincere and very caring people. You have a lovely team and “What a tonic!!”

Rainbow Valley provide the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. As the relative of someone with the diagnosis it was a break in the most comfortable, stunning and relaxing environment. It allowed the bottled up emotions that you didnt know were there a means of escape. It allowed you as a person a means of escape. There was no poor me. But a learning experience of how to be good to me. It equipped you with skills to move forward. It was not a clinic, nor a ward or an appointment. It was not a hospital. It was a holistic nourishment and a positive step forward. It was time to be together.

Our Professionals

Edward Reid

Before appearing on Britain's Got Talent in 2011 Edward developed his one man show around Scotland combining his outstanding vocals with self-deprecating humour and charming banter. It was only a matter of time before something big happened for the Scottish drama teacher who put his unique talent to good use working alongside adults with learning difficulties. Some of his many accolades include scooping Radio Forth's Best Fringe for his one man show 'Living The Dream One Song At A Time' and Bighearted Scotland's Entertainer of The Year. In surviving this journey Edward had to find tools to keep his stress levels down whilst maintaining a high level of professionalism at every event and was introduced to meditation where he found ways of relaxing, dropping all the negative stories he carried about with him. In 2016 he trained with The British School of Meditation and became a qualified Meditation Teacher and now specialises in Mindfulness.

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