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Rainbow Valley is an idea inspired by the vision of Johanna MacVicar, a young woman who, in 1994, aged 16 years, was diagnosed with leukaemia. Like most people when first diagnosed, Johanna felt very out of control of her life, and the difference Rainbow Valley would have made to her, her family and friends would have been immense. She knew she had choices but gathering research, identifying options and seeking out the genuine people, therapies and support is a daunting task when you are so ill and desperate.

In 2005, Johanna sadly lost her fight against the illness. Johanna’s love of Rainbows has inspired those who loved her to bring together Rainbow Valley.

Johanna’s mother, Angela, sister-in-law Shonagh MacVicar and long term family friend, Lindsay MacCallum, joined forces to launch Rainbow Valley in July 2012. Through their focus and determination they have tirelessly raised awareness and built wide public support to bring together a determined and committed Board of Trustees, professionals, and supporters to deliver Johanna’s vision.

Rainbow Valley’s aim is to provide people of all ages, living with or affected by cancer (including family and friends) with the knowledge and opportunity to prevent and manage the impact of cancer and improve their long-term quality of life by making informed choices about personal health, the disease and its effects.

We provide the practical tools necessary to take a holistic approach to living with and overcoming cancer, addressing the psychological, emotional and physical needs of each individual and their support network. Using innovative and established therapies incorporating nutrition, exercise and relaxation, we devise and deliver courses in a tranquil setting away from the hospital environment.

Our Long Term Objective:
is to provide a dedicated Centre where those living with or affected by cancer will go to relax before, in-between and after hospital treatments, away from the hospital environment to explore, free of charge, the plethora of treatments that are available in support of hospital care.

Through our own experience and that of those with whom we work, we knew how vitally important it was for our activities to take place away from a hospital environment.